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Hotels near Eyre Square

The Radisson Blu Hotel is located on Lough Atalia Road just minutes from Eyre Square in Galway.
The Radisson Blu is really near Eyre Square making it an ideal place to stay.

Eyre Square is one of the most famous and well known landmarks in Galway and is home to many events such as the Comedy Festival and the Christmas Markets.

Crowds flock to Eyre Square at the first sight of the sunshine and it is a glorious site to see tourist and locals alike enjoying a snack in the lush green space that is Eyre Square.

In 1965, the square was officially renamed "John F. Kennedy Memorial Park" in honour of U.S. President John F. Kennedy who visited and made a speech in June 1963.

There are many landmarks throughout Eyre Square such as the Bank of Ireland building which was built in 1836. It houses the Galway Civic Sword and Mace which were authority symbols of the Mayor and Corporation dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Browne doorway is also another attraction in Eyre Square which dates back from 1627. It was originally the doorway of the Browne family's home on Lower Abbeygate Street, but was moved in to Eyre Square in 1905 by the Galway Archaeological Society.

Eyre Square Shopping Centre plays an important commercial role in the city and also has been recently redeveloped however it also has an important historical role as it contains a restored section of the Medieval City Wall with Penrice Tower at the northern end and Shoemakes Tower standing above an entry leading to an underground section of the 1647 bastion.

Eyre Square is the first impression many people have of Galway as it is beside the Bus & Rail stations and also is home to the Galway Advertiser. Many people find their first home in Galway via the accommodation list which is available every Thursday at 3pm. It is of course now online but in years gone by it was only available in hard copy and it was not unusual to have queues around the square to obtain the list. 

So if you want to be near all the action and near Eyre Square it must be the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway.