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Dry Saline Diffuser

The natural microclimate of the Salt Mines is replicated with the aid of a Dry Saline Diffuser. The agent used in the Salt Spa is ionized Salt, obtained from Natural Sources. The Salt does not evaporate, thus creating a dry therapy.

Halotherapy refers to the mode of treatment in a controlled air medium that simulates a natural Salt Cave microclimate. The natural dry Sodium Chloride aerosol is the major curative factor of the cave microclimate. It is formed by the convective diffusion from Salt walls. Other factors such as a comfortable temperature and humidity regime, together with the hypo-bacterial and allergen-free air environment, enhance the Therapeutic effect.

The walls and floor of this Salt Spa are covered in Salt. The Therapy is pain-free and comfortable. Salt coatings serve an esthetic function, act as sound insulation, and help to regulate the temperature, humidity and the hypo bacterial environment interacting with the salt aerosol.
What about picking up germs in the salt spa ?
Salt absorbs bacteria. The walls and floor of each room are covered in salt, which creates the virtually sterile environment. In addition the Salt Room is fully ventilated for 15 minutes after each session.