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About Salt Spa

From thick blocks of natural salt from Poland & the Dead Sea, the Salt Spa is built to resemble a cave-like environment. The microclimate of a natural salt cave is reproduced using a special device called a dry saline diffuser, which creates naturally bacteriologically clean and germ-free air.

A hypo-bacterial and allergen-free air environment, the walls and floor of the Salt Spa are covered in salt which absorbs bacteria, and so creates a virtually sterile environment. In addition, after a session, the Salt Spa is fully ventilated for 15 minutes, and surfaces are disinfected after each session.

Accommodating up to 10 people comfortably in reclining chairs, the soft music and the amber lighting create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. The floor surface is covered with a thick layer of rock salt, and with salt waterfalls, special wicker columns with natural salt rock from Pakistan and a library for all age groups, simply relax, fully clothed, for your 45 min session at the Radisson Galway Hotel. Added to this is a children’s play area with miniature table and chairs with games for the little ones.

Open Hours

Monday to Saturday
9am - 5pm
Last session at 4pm