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The Girl on the Cover of The Galway International Arts Festival Programme

Sunday, 10 July 2016
The Girl on the Cover of The Galway International Arts Festival Programme


Hats off again to the Artistic and Creative minds of the Galway International Arts Festival.
Year after year they give us wonderful posters which add to the memories of the Festival. Indeed anyone feeling like a look at some of the classics should pop in to the foyer of the Radisson Blu Hotel or down to Tigh Neachtains on Quay Street  where they have many on display. This poster and booklet cover can be seen throughout the city each summer.

This year is no different and both the Galway public and visitors have been captivated by a striking image of a pretty girl who appears to be floating.
We at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway  have a special interest this year and we are delighted to be able to give you the story of the girl in the photo.It was our very own Martyna who is employed as a fitness instructor at spirit one fitness and leisure. 

So Martyna over to you. 
"Well of course like everyone I enjoy having my photo taken be it seriously or just for fun.

"So when I got a chance to take part in photo shoot for Galway International Arts Festival I naturally felt extremely excited. What made my enthusiasm even bigger was the fact that the photos were to be taken under water".

No less than in a fish tank in the Aquarium where the water is 13 degrees Celsius. What do I say to that ?  Another adventure, something new a completely different kettle of fish or should I say tank.

I put on the beautiful dress and  took the plunge. Trying to get into freezing cold water with your clothes on, people watching, fish circling underneath your feet yes it was very hard. However challenges are good and the barriers are sometimes only imaginary. I am really happy I did it. It is a memory I will always have and the fact it made of the cover of the Galway International Arts Festival programme is a massive bonus."


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